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YOUR FEET ARE YOUR FOUNDATION Imagine you are a building. The foundation of the building is important because it determines if the building will stand straight and hold up to stress. The same is true for the human body. Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. They must be able to properly support your body; allow you to stand, walk, run, and jump, and absorb damaging shock that enters your body every time your heel hits the ground. If your feet are imbalanced – pronated or supinated (roll inward or roll outward), this puts the stability of your entire body at risk. These conditions can lead to other forms of an unstable posture; including uneven shoulder heights, one leg that is shorter than the other, and tilting in your knees and hips. This may even cause back pain. CUSTOM-MADE ORTHOTICS WILL HELP TO CORRECT THE IMBALANCES IN YOUR FEET. WE ARE NOW OFFERING A $50.00 SAVINGS ON CUSTOM ORTHOTICS.

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